By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Girl Drop A Bombshell On Her Step-Dad’s Birthday.

When you hear the word dad you think of the man you grew up looking up to and loving. Girls in particular have a special connection to their fathers. He is the man that she will learn how a woman is a treated by the way he is with her mother. He will also build up her self-esteem and self-worth with the time and devotion he gives her.

Gabriella Lynde knows all too well that the man that help raise her is not her biological father. Nonetheless, she lovingly calls him dad. For his birthday this month, she gave him a gift he will never forget.

The Port Rickey, Florida resident is over 18 years old so what she gave him is more an act of love than a required legality. When her dad realizes what she is asking him to do, he calls it the greatest day of his life since his son was born.

Source: Lori Ann Lynde