Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Curiously Strange Items From The Past That Your Ancestors Used.

Humanity has been creating stuff since it first crawled out of the proverbial cave, and they're not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. But it's important to look back at some of the inventions from long ago, because it's how we learn from our past. In some cases, we might feel inspired to create a better version of an old idea. Then again, sometimes we check out some devices from olden days so that we can shake our heads and wonder what the heck our ancestors were thinking when they created these things. So here are a few examples of some unusual devices, many of which we're glad have remained far in the past.

In the 18th century, they didn't have high chairs for children, but they did have this alternative.

Being a parent in the 18th century was a breeze thanks to a chamber pot that you could put over a table, thereby turning it into a high chair. You could adjust the footrest too so your child would be comfortable. And total bonus! You could also just take the chair down and use the table as a coffee table.

People didn't always have a network of plumbing or bathroom sinks to wash their hands and faces.

Fortunately, they had this chamber hygiene set, which is basically, a chamber pot, a mug, a bowl, a soap dish, a pitcher, and a wash bowl so you could freshen up like royalty before heading to work or heading to bed.

If you ever needed to go number 1 or 2 in the middle of the night, you could rely on this chamber pot.

Unlike most chamber pots, this one didn't look like one. So, you could literally pass this off as a beautiful Victorian chair piece in your bedroom, and then flip the lid and go number 1 when you felt Mother Nature calling.

Shaving used to be a bigger deal, or rather an ordeal, back in the days of old, hence the shaving stands.

Just look all those drawers, bowls, and tiers! It must have been quite a ritual to shave a few centuries ago. About the only thing we can spot that looks even remotely useful is the mirror. But we're sure there's an old-style razor in there somewhere.

Shaving used to be a bigger deal, or rather an ordeal, back in the days of old, hence the shaving stands.

It didn't matter who you were in those days, because fleas were a major issue that affected everyone.

Women in the Victorian age would trap the fleas using a hollowed tube with holes. This tub would contain drops of blood to attract the fleas. Then, the fat and honey resin would cause them to stick to the device when they got inside. Women would often wear this device around their necks.

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