Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Guy Moves Into New Apartment, Then Discovers Secret Hatch In The Floor.

Now, you'd figured that most hidden hatches would be closed, or have some kind of a lock.

It turns out that the hatch was unlocked, which meant that he was able to open it easily. So, he reached for the handle, lifted it, and pulled. Now it was time to see what, if anything, was hidden underneath the floor.

What he found was not nearly as terrifying or as exciting as what he had originally expected to find.

"Oh, a bit of underfloor storage for some tools and old paint cans," he mentions. It was hardly enough to bat an eyelash. But something made him want to inspect the newly found compartment a bit further just in case.

It's not like he was expecting to find gold or a dead body, but a secret lair only happens in movies.

Then, he noticed that there was more to the compartment, as in a secret passage right under his apartment. But anything could have been down there, and he was eager to find out where this would end up leading him to.

Well, it turns out that it really was what it seemed to be, as in a staircase towards a secret room.

The walls were made of brick, and it was dusty, but it didn't seem like anyone had been in this space for quite a while. Now he had to muster up the courage to go down there and explore a bit further. Maybe a dungeon.

It turns out that it was an actual dungeon and it seemed to stretch underneath the whole apartment.

Naturally, he was a bit freaked out because it was quite an unexpected find. But he decided that he would wait a bit, close the hatch and call a friend first. Oh, and he wedged the bathroom door over the hatch, in case someone or something tried crawling back up.

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