By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

How To Be Hilariously RUDE In 20 Different Countries Around The World.

It doesn't matter what your reason is for taking up another language. You'll be delighted by the basics, how to say 'Hello,' 'Goodbye,' and 'Excuse me, where's the restroom?', but sooner or later, you'll be curious to know the "bad" words. The insults.

But why do we do that? Well, it's all in good fun. Perhaps, we just want to laugh. After all, it's difficult for us to take these insults as seriously as a local would, because we aren't fluent in the language. The weigh isn't the same. So, it's easier for us to say them without really meaning anything. On the other hand, perhaps we are curious to know whether or not these things are being said of us.

Just The Flight, a travel website, put together an infographic of 20 Bizarre Insults From Around The World. You'll be surprised at how creative and strange these insults are, just be careful of where you use them!

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Source: Just The Flight