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30 Weird Facts You Probably Didn’t Know… The One About Freckles Can’t Possibly Be True.

The world is full of unusual history, strange occurrences, and freaky circumstances. In fact, the atypical nature of the world is what makes it so interesting - can you imagine how boring life would be if the word "weird" didn't exist?

Below are 30 of the most random and interesting fact that history and the present has to offer. Some of them might shock you, and others might simply make you smile. Facts like these help us gain healthy perspective on our own environments: Whatever our situation may be, odds are, somewhere out there, something bizarre is happening.

Check out these uncommon bits of trivia below - you're never going to believe the name of one city in Austria.

#1. There are a tremendous amount of dead bodies underneath New York City.

Before they became places where Manhattanites convened for leisure, Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, and Bryant Park all used to be cemeteries. There are 20,000 bodies buried underneath Washington Square Park alone!

#2. Giraffes participate in somewhat questionable mating activities.

During mating season, a male giraffe usually head butts the female in the bladder until she urinates. The male then tastes the pee and determines whether or not she is ovulating.

Giraffes participate in somewhat questionable mating activities.

David Cheskin/PA

#3. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007, he made a prank call to a nearby Starbucks and ordered 4,000 lattes.

According to Apple lore, the prank got Jobs one of the biggest laughs of his career. After ordering the 4,000 lattes during the first iPhone presentation, Jobs quickly said "No, just kidding! Wrong number! Goodbye!" and hung up the phone.

#4. In Medieval times, your freckles could mean your untimely death.

During the early days of violent witch hunts, one of the ways that people "proved" that someone was a witch was to find moles or freckles on their body. You could also get accused of becoming a witch if you inadvertently grew a wart.

#5. You can go to Fucking, Austria.

There is a village in Austria called Fucking (pronounced foo-king). The residents there are called Fuckingers. There is nothing of note in this village, but it became incredibly popular with tourists because of its name. In fact, many tourists simply come to the town to snap a photo while simulating sexual intercourse under the town's sign.

The town's residents eventually got fed up and petitioned to change the name to Fugging. Unfortunately, they were denied, as there is another small town in Austria called Fugging.

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