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The 52 Best Photos Of 2014 Will Blow Your Mind And Touch Your Soul.

Technology is truly a beautiful thing. Today, most of us own a computer, a cellphone, or a camera. At any given time, we have the ability to capture and share our lives and stories with the world.

With 2014 coming to an end, it's been an interesting year to say the least. Over the past twelve months we have shared some remarkable stories with you guys. Some were Incredible and heartwarming while others were bizarre and unbelievable. Today we combine all those moments into one single post.

We have compiled a list of photos that consist of pretty much everything. From incredible animal moments to nature's true beauty. From bizarre stories to inspirational moments. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I find that to be quite true! Check out these jaw dropping photos from the year 2014.

#1. Volcano.

On November 3rd, the Mount Sinabung volcano in the Karo district of Indonesia erupted and spewed giant ash clouds as villagers watched on. The volcano, active since September 2013, forced thousands to evacuate from their homes.


Y T Haryono

#2. Dust storm.

Storm chaser Mike Olbinksi captured this photo on July 3rd in Phoenix, Arizona. A thick wall of orange dust rolled over the city at sunset.

Dust storm.

Mike Oblinski

#3. Shockwave

This huge 1957 Chevy truck goes by the name Shockwave. It has 36,000 horsepower. It is powered by 3 jet engines and can hit speeds close to 400mph.


Ruaridh Connellan

#4. Sisters.

Jen Brocker poses in front of Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles, California. Jens recently discovered that the gymnast she idolized while growing up was, in reality, her long lost sister. Jen was adopted at birth. Due to a genetic birth defect, Jen was born without legs. Despite her setback, Jen practiced gymnastics regularly and idolized her long lost sister, Dominique Moceanu.


Ruaridh Connellan

#5. Human tower.

During the October 5th Castells Competition, participants built human towers. Over 30 groups of human towers merged together to create this awesome structure.

Human tower.


#6. Selfie.

While working on the Dubai 360 project, photographer Gerald Donovan captured this amazing selfie of himself on top of the Burj Khalifa. This building holds the record for the tallest man-made structure in the world.



#7. Large hands.

This 8 year old Indian boy is suffering from a terrible medical condition in which his hands grew to abnormal size, weighing over 17 pounds and measuring 13 inches. The kid is unable to do basic tasks, and his parents are very poor. They are currently trying everything they can to get their son the right medical attention.

Large hands.

Barcroft India

#8. Turban of the year.

Well respected preacher Avatar Singh has one of the largest turbans anyone has ever seen. His 'Pagdi' weights over 100 pounds, and is 645 meters long when unwrapped. It takes him up to six hours to put it on. His incredible large head gear causes many problems. He can't fit through a door or get into a car.

Turban of the year.

Ajay Verma

#9. Thunderstorm.

This rotating thunderstorm was captured in Climax, Kansas. It is considered to be one of the most powerful weather phenomenons in the world. If you ever see something like this, we recommend you find a safe place to hide!


Stephen Locke

#10. Maho Beach.

It is hard to relax on Maho Beach in Saint Martin. The Princess Juliana international Airport is located only a couple yards away. When airplanes are set to land they nearly miss the beach.

Maho Beach.

Daniel Botelho

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