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By Huong Ngo

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19 People Who Are Thankful For The Weirdest Stuff… Don’t Mention #5 At The Dinner Table.

As a regular Thanksgiving tradition, people all around the world like to share what they’re thankful for – what things or which people they value most and are grateful to have in their lives. Of course, most of people’s answers are redundant every year. People are thankful for their families, their beloveds, their jobs, and the roof over their heads – it's not only redundant, it’s kind of cheesy. Some people in this world, however, have a different thought process and like to think outside the box when it comes to what they’re thankful for. Some are funny and some are just weird. Check out some of the ones we’ve collected just below.

#1. So empowering.

So empowering.

#2. This is actually a valid point.

This is actually a valid point.

#3. Cue slow clap.

#4. Just one?

Just one?

#5. This is very ambiguous.

This is very ambiguous.

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