By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Emu Discovered A Sprinkler And Knew EXACTLY What To Do.

Remember long, sweltering summer vacations when you were a kid? Just when you thought that you couldn't get any more sticky and uncomfortable, dad brought out the hose and hooked it up to your summertime life force: the sprinkler.

Sure, running around it was fun -- but the real joy was just parking your butt next to the sprinkler, and letting the water rush over you without pause. Blacky the Emu knows that particular joy, and just like you did as a kid, he loves it.

Blacky was out running around somewhere in Australia, when he came upon an unattended sprinkler. Instead of wetting his feathers and moving on with his day, he decided to have a seat and let the spray of water give him a complete cooldown. See Blacky's finest moment in the video below.

Source: Zero Alien