By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s A Burrito In Furniture Form… And Kids Of EVERY Age Love It.

The good people at ORADARIA Design have come up with an insanely good idea, something we never thought we needed but now are certain we absolutely do. Their official title? Blandito: The transformable pad for everyday living.

It's basically a small, comfy pad that can be situated in a variety of ways, meant for the ultimate comfort wherever you take it. Think of it as a big pillow that can also be transformed into a couch, a bed, or a comfy little reading nook -- does relaxing get any better than this?

The Blandito maintains it's shape, however you fold it.

For kids, it's basically like a mobile playground.

For adults, it's basically like the ultimate relaxation vessel.

From now on, it's all about Netflix and Blandito.

No matter how you like to stay comfy, the Blandito has the perfect shape for you.

Admit it: You really want one of these right about now.

Source: Behance