By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This BLIND Cat Is Better At FETCH Than Your Dog!

Rey is a fearless and stealth cat who loves to play fetch. There is nothing unusual about a kitty enjoying the game of chasing after a toy or ball, except Rey is not your regular pet. The small feline was born without eyes, when she was younger, she depended on her sister to help her get around her surroundings.

Nowadays, Rey relies on her sense of smell and hearing to go anywhere and do anything; like not showing any fear when she playfully wrestles with another cat three times her size. She is quite fond of loud and crackly toys she can chase endlessly. Her human admits the feline’s personality and strength inspire people when they meet her.

Take a look at the video of Rey playing fetch. She may just be better at this game than other cats or dogs for that matter.

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Source: zeroabsolutes