By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

This App Is No Miracle, But It Helps The Blind To See.

You can instantly make yourself available to assist someone who is blind from anywhere in the world because of this simple app.

People who are blind aren't usually 100% without vision. Blindness can range from being just over 20/200 acuity to being very limited in vision to total blindness. There are over 285 million people who are visually impaired across the globe, with 246 million of them having differing degrees of impaired vision, while the other 39 million are blind. They typically live ordinary lives like anyone else, and they have strategies and tools they use to make things easier.

For example, there is braille code for every foreign language and can be used for mathematics, music and computers. Guide dogs and canes help people find their way around and screen readers allow them to navigate and listen to what is shown on a computer screen.

Be My Eyes is great tool to get instant help from sighted people. Since it's launch last week, over 67, 000 sighted volunteers have subscribed.

Source: Be My Eyes