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Hiker Carries Blind Dog For 800 Miles To Help Her Regain Confidence.

For most dog owners, their pets are like an extended member of the family. That means it’s important for them to make sure that their furry little friends are always happy. When they’re not, it’s up to them to do something to change that. That’s exactly what a Florida man named Kyle Rohrig did for his beloved Shiba Inu named Katana after she lost her sight. Instead of letting her mope around the house, he took her on one epic adventure you have to read to believe.

Kyle Rohrig was certainly no stranger to looking for adventure through the Florida wilderness.

In fact, he did this quite often, and he sometimes had his best friend, a pooch named Katana along with him. But this latest adventure was different. This time, 8-year-old Katana was completely blind.

Katana’s been at Kyle’s side for over 5,000 miles, but something happened over the course of time.

The two of them set out on a 2,650-mile hike together on the Pacific Crest Trail, when something went wrong. Katana’s left eye developed glaucoma. So, Kyle stopped the hike and took her to a specialist to treat her.

About two years after undergoing surgery to correct the problem, Katana went completely blind.

Without her sight, she could barely even figure out how to get home anymore. But her vision wasn’t the only thing she had lost. She had also lost her confidence. She no longer seemed certain of her actions, and Kyle was cautious about how to approach this difficult situation.

Kyle knew Katana would figure out how to memorize the path and navigate her way home someday.

So, he came up with a brilliant plan to give her a gentle push. He took Katana on a 1,100-mile adventure on the Florida Trail to help her deal with her condition. It wouldn’t be an easy challenge, but he knew she could do it.

Kyle and Katana started their adventure on January 8 and 72 days later, they completed their journey.

Kyle had to carry Katana on his back for about 800 miles. But the pooch wasn’t a total slacker. She managed to walk 200 miles all on her own, which gave her a boost of confidence and reminded her that there were still good times to be had.

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