Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Hiker Carries Blind Dog For 800 Miles To Help Her Regain Confidence.

The pair endured busy highways, muddy grounds, and water and had a few near misses with wild animals.

Aside from snakes and alligators, the Florida Trail was utterly grueling. But somehow, Katana managed to guide him through the trail. Along the way, she went from extremely cautious to confident and curious about her surrounding environment.

Katana enjoyed the experience and now she and Kyle are finally back home living it up.

Before the journey, Katana wasn’t thriving because of her condition. But now, she’s running through the doggy door, exploring Kyle’s backyard and also jumping on furniture like beds and couches when she’s indoors, which makes him feel like he accomplished the mission he set out to do.

“She’s not just dealing with her new circumstances — she’s thriving, and she’s thriving wherever she goes,” he explained.

"We have many more adventures planned, and I’m going to keep taking her until she ceases to enjoy them. We’re both living the dream.” Awwww! This just fills our hearts with joy! If you want to follow their every move, make sure to follow @roamad on Instagram. They'll brighten your day!

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