By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Microscopic Detail In These Paintings Celebrates The Wonder Of Humanity.

Brendan Moore does not feel the need to stick to one exclusive medium. Instead he works with ceramic, wood, drawing and painting. It's his way to constantly be challenged.

The artist admits his creations are inspired by science resulting in moving 3D organisms, often described as ‘wave’ art. He accurately describes his work as “a dream biology.” He imagines or creates what biology is. It is interesting to note that a microbiologist found blogged arteries and cell formations depicted in some of Moore’s paintings.

Based on Oakland, California, Moore describes his subjects as anonymous humanoids, the relatives of humanoids; microorganisms a more simple life form and The Blob. The blob may be paint, cell or just energy.

His creations are eclectic and odd, but highly original. His art takes a fresh new look at his interpretation of the human body.

You can follow Monroe in Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and his website.

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