Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Bakery’s New Twist On Hot Chocolate Is The Sugary Hug You’ve Been Looking For.

No cup of steamy hot chocolate is complete without marshmallows. Drinking hot chocolate without it just feels absurd and utterly incomplete. Dominique Ansel, however, has created a new fun and unique way of adding marshmallows to hot chocolate that you will never want to skip this process ever again.

The same guy who created cronuts (croissant and donut hybrids) has now created blooming marshmallows. And they are completely what they sound like — they're marshmallows that literally bloom when placed into hot chocolate. The best part: they bloom into flowers! These flowering sweets were first made available in Ansel's bakery in Tokyo but can now also be found at his bakeries in New York and London.

Check out the blooming marshmallows in action below!

Have you ever tried hot chocolate and red wine?

Source: Insider