By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Scientists Captured The Exact Moment This Bird Emerged From Its Egg. ADORABLE.

A professor from Jagiellonian University went from studying blue tit chicks to helping one hatch from its egg, all in the palm of his hand. Szymon Drobniak is part of a group of scientists studying over 200 birds on Gotland Island in Sweden. The blue tit will normally build its nest in the hole of a tree or hike in a wall.

The blue chick is seen gently pushing itself out of its shell. The bird has a life expectancy of two to three years and weighs up to 11 grams. The Polish university has been studying the birds since 2002, focusing on their mating rituals.

Here's a chameleon experiencing its first moments of life.

Source: FeradMonday