By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

I Thought This Was Just A Photoshopped Wallpaper Image, But This Is An Actual Place. Wow!

If you’re a Mac user then you’re probably familiar with the Blue Pond from the OS X Mountain Lion wallpaper. It’s an actual place in Hokkaido, Japan that attracts tourists from all over. The pond is actually a reservoir that was created by a dam that was built to protect from mudflows that might occur from the active volcano Mt. Tokachi.

According to photographer Kent Shiraishi the water contains high amounts of aluminum hydroxide which reflects blue light. Shiraishi calls it the most beautiful pond in the world. Although the color of the water changes depending on what time of the day and the weather, one thing is certain, its beauty certainly lives up to its image.

Watch the video.

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Source: en.rocketnews24