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Rubbing Ice On The Back Of Your Hand, And 19 Other Body Hacks You NEED To Know.

The human body is a weird, wonderful, and sometimes, admittedly, a completely disgusting thing. The fact that it all usually works in harmony to keep us alive and feeling good is basically a miracle -- but what happens when your body starts doing unpleasant things that feel like they're completely out of your control? Things like pins and needles, a scratchy throat, and brain freeze come to mind, the sort of sensations that temporarily make us forget how amazing our bodies are and cause us to resent them instead.

But have no fear: We've got the hacks that can make it all better. Instead of freaking out or letting your body put you in a foul mood, there are ways to control these sensations that you've probably never heard before. Find out what these body hacks are below -- you're going to be shocked when you find out how easy it is to get rid of motion sickness.

Sometimes, our bodies just don't want to listen to our brains. Even though they're a part of us, sometimes it feels like our bodies operate independently from our brains, no matter how hard we try to control them. Don't worry: We've got some awesome hacks to help you out.

#1. For starters, what happens if you've got brain freeze?

If that happens, try pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, covering as much area as you can to warm the area back up. The pain should begin to subside shortly.

For starters, what happens if you've got brain freeze?


#2. And what if you need to prevent a hangover?

What exactly happens when you drink too much? For starters, when you consume alcohol, the ethanol increases prostaglandin formation, depletes B vitamins and magnesium, and depletes usable glucose for the brain. In laymen's terms, that mean's you'll feel like absolute shit.

To prevent this, try taking N-Acetylcysteine before a night out, as well as taking a B-complex vitamin and some folic acid. And when in doubt, chug as much water as you can.

#3. One of the worst feelings ever is the hot burning that collects around your eyes when you're upset.

If you have to hold back tears, look around and start naming the shapes of objects around you. This will distract you and ultimately help you relax.

#4. Every suspected that someone was lying?

Try to examine the body language of another person. When a person is lying, the speed and pitch of their voice will often change and they may stutter or avoid eye contact. Crossed arms can also indicate that someone is trying to withhold something from you.

#5. Have you ever wanted to learn to hold your breath longer?

You can hold your breath underwater for about 10 seconds longer if you hyperventilate right before diving down under the water.

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