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12 Simple Health Hacks You Can Use Every Day.

The human body is a strange and complex organism, with hundreds of moving pieces constantly working together to keep you, well, alive. Given that it's a vessel with so much going on at any given time, it makes sense that there are so-called "body hacks" you can do to make it work even more efficiently.

Now, bear in mind: Generally speaking, we don't want to take shortcuts when it comes to health and wellness. But these interesting bodily actions can cause an equal reaction, making your life a lot easier. From heartburn remedies to relieving a toothache to holding your breath for a longer period of time under water, there's a body hack in here for many different afflictions and situations. We had no idea that #12 worked as well as it does, but now that we're privy to it, we're going to try it the next time we're in a loud place.

#1. Sleeping on your left side can relieve the symptoms of heartburn.

Apparently, how you sleep can really affect your heartburn issues, and sleeping on your left can be more comfortable. Sleeping on your back or on your right side can make heartburn worse.

#2. Power posing can boost your confidence.

Standing with your legs apart and your shoulders firm can actually increase your confidence, proof that feeling invincible comes from how you physically present yourself to the world.

Power posing can boost your confidence.

James Duncan Davidson

#3. Distracting yourself can reduce the pain of a shot.

A study found that children who wore special audiovisual glasses reported less pain and distress during when they got their shots. of course, things like that aren't always accessible -- but the next time you get a shot, try distracting yourself by coughing at the same time the doctor plunges the needle into your arm.

Distracting yourself can reduce the pain of a shot.

#4. Rubbing ice on the back of your hand can help relieve toothache pain.

ACanadian study reported a 50% decrease in dental pain from most of their subjects when they massaged the space between their thumb and their forefinger. Apparently, that area has a directly nerve-line to the part of the brain that relieves pain.

#5. Stimulating your ear can help your scratchy throat.

According to one New Jersey ear, nose, and throat specialist, working the nerves in your ear causes a small muscle spasm in your throat. That spasm actually helps to relieve that pesky tickle in your throat.

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