By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Uses Body Paint To Create Reality-Bending Illusions That Make You Look Twice.

It may be hard to believe but Kay Pike only needed one makeup lesson to unleash her inner artist. The Calgary, Canada resident was left on her own to play around with paints; her first creation after hours of shading and blending, was Colossal Titan from the anime show Attack on Titan.

Pike has been busy ever since, giving life to cosplay characters like Cheetara, Doctor Doom, and Lady Deadpool. Her looks are straight out of a comic book. The 28-year-old showcases her creations on her Facebook and Instagram pages. At first glance, it appears the artist is digitally manipulating the images which is why she also uploads videos of her transformations.

Pike finds ideas for her superheroes and villains from everywhere. "My inspiration mostly comes from seeing something beautiful. It can be a great costume design, it can be a trailer for an upcoming movie with a new take on a character," says the cosplay guru.

Here's what she looks like normally.

Source: Kay Pike