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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Here’s What Guys REALLY Think Of Your Body, It’s A Real Eye-Opener.

It's very easy for a woman to become insecure of her body. Believe it or not, even super models get self-conscious about certain body parts. But what most women fail to realize is that men don't take close attention to little details that women love to obsess over.

Have you ever wondered what men really thought about a woman's body? Is it true that they all find relatively the same body type attractive? Well, they don't. Every woman is different and men know that. There's no point in obsessing over comparing your body to someone else's when you're perfectly beautiful the way you are.

The issue with body image is that it's derived from self identification with one's body. If you think it defines you, you will always be insecure about it, no matter how close to perfect you get. If you instead see your body as something you possess and control, body image is no longer an issue for you because you understand that this body, no matter it's current state, does not determine your worth. Celebrate your body (and let him do it, too)!

Here's a few tips of what men really think of your body, and it's not what you expect.

Men may think you're attractive when you think you're not.

Men and women don't always agree on what is attractive in a women. What you may be self-conscious about may actually be a huge attraction to guys. They focus more so on the bigger picture than little details (such as zits).

You have the ability to draw men's attention to the parts you do like.

Don't worry about not looking normal. Women have the power to point men's attention towards the body parts they want to and away from the body parts they don't want noticed.

Confidence makes a big difference.

How many times do we have to say this over and over. Confidence makes a person sexy, same goes for men. Attitude makes a difference to how a guy will perceive you.

Men look at a woman's figure.

Unfortunately, we don't get to choose our genes. Some women are naturally thinner and some larger. Nonetheless, what men look for is a "figure," a proportion between the hips, waist and bust. This "figure" can be achieved with any body type.

Wrinkles aren't as relevant as you think they are.

Women love to obsess over wrinkles, crow's feet, laugh lines -- basically any visible line on their face. These signs of aging, however, have no effect on a woman's beauty. Men generally don't care about these things.

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