By Eve

LifeBuzz Staff

What Your Body Shape Says About Your Personality.

The shape of one’s body can tell a lot about the person’s personalities, and coincidentally, it also tells you what kind of people he or she would be attracted to. Though they may seem like two very different things, they are related through the connection that all relationships have with one’s views on physical appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the body shapes and what kind of relationships they entail.

#1. Rectangle body

The classic body shape indicates at a classic style of a relationship; straight and old-fashioned.

Rectangle body

#2. Oval

This body shape hints that the owner is the one who wear the pants in the relationship.


#3. Triangle

Quiet and conservative on the outside, wild and untamed on the inside.


#4. Spoon

People with the curves in all the right places may seem flirty when it could just have been good humor.


#5. Inverted triangle

This shape might draw some attention, though the owner could just be shy and timid.

Inverted triangle

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