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Oregon Man Lives Inside Boeing 727 In The Middle Of The Woods.

As you get closer to your retirement age, you start to think about what you'll be doing with all that extra free time you have on your hands. You'll probably imagine yourself boarding a plane at least once a year to go on those trips you never thought you'd get the chance to go on. But did you ever imagine living inside a plane itself? Well, one man must have. His name is Bruce Campbell, and he's used his money and his innovative engineering skills to buy and repurpose a retired Boeing 727 aircraft fuselage so that he could turn it into a sustainable home out in the woods outside of Portland, Oregon.

Bruce Campbell is one lucky man because he spends a whole lot of time literally living aboard a plane.

Campbell spends 6 months out of the year in Japan, and the other 6 months, he spends aboard a Boeing 727 aircraft fuselage, which he reconditioned so that it would serve as an interesting home away from home.

Bruce Campbell is one lucky man because he spends a whole lot of time literally living aboard a plane.


He uses concrete pillars to prop up the massive 3-engine commercial airliner deep in the woods.

The 10 acres he's been using cost him $23,000 back when Campbell was in his 20s. The plane itself cost him $220,000. And even now, he's hoping to buy another Boeing 747 fuselage to refurbish in the same way as he did the original plane.

The plane contains convenient retractable steps that allow Campbell to go up and down as he pleases.

There's a lot of work that he still has to do on the interior to make the plane livable, so he's always looking for items that he can repurpose to fit his needs. But there's still a lot of work for him to do before he gets to that goal.

The plane is a work in progress and Campbell would like to add more features to make life easier.

He is currently working on adding a working lavatory, but as you can see, there's already a sink in place in case he needs to wash his hands or any dirty dishes. He even brought in a washing machine to take care of his laundry.

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