Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Oregon Man Lives Inside Boeing 727 In The Middle Of The Woods.

Given that he's an engineer, you can expect to find a bunch of gadgets lying around the fuselage.

He's got a phone, a printer and other electronic gadgets all over the place, but he still needs a couple of other things to restore the plane's original interior, hence why he's so invested in finding another fuselage to get parts from.

Campbell designed the area so that it would have a driveway of its own for added convenience.

When he gets home, all he has to do is climb up the steps and he's home, and once he's gotten all the plumbing sorted out, he'll be able to read while he sits down on the toilet. In the meantime, he's taking advantage of life in the wilderness.

This retired airliner might have been scrapped had it not been for Campbell's innovative home idea.

It would have been a waste of resources had the fuselage been shredded. Fortunately, he managed to give the old plane new life, and now, it's giving him a chance to kick off his slippers and put his feet up on the couch while he works on his laptop and comes up with ways to improve the plane.

There's plenty of unused space inside the fuselage and a lot of work that needs to be completed.

Campbell wants to add some of the original seating and lights. In the meantime, he's incredibly grateful that his home is virtually immaculate and doesn't require a lot of cleaning because it's essentially a sealed pressure canister.

You might not know this, but planes are strong, and built to last, and can withstand most elements.

In the event of a powerful storm or an earthquake, airplanes are the safest place to seek shelter in. But on quiet nights, this Boeing 727 shines like a beacon with all the lights Campbell had installed, and it looks like such a peaceful place to live with all the trees surrounding it and the starry night sky above.

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