Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

She Uses Ordinary Makeup To Become Your Worst Halloween Nightmare.

Shapeshifters may be nothing more than supernatural or sci-fi make believe, unless you're a reptilian chameleon, but 21-year-old makeup artist, Bonnie Corban is the closest thing to a changeling you'll ever encounter in your life, and it's all thanks to her self-taught, makeup skills! The Sydney, Australia native can go from beautiful to exotic, and even creepy in a Hollywood minute, and she's certainly not shy about showing off her talents either. She's got 34,000 Instagram followers, and now thanks to her YouTube video tutorials, you can transform yourself too!

It takes a lot of hard work and time to turn yourself into a feral feline like this.

But that's no problem for Bonnie. All you need is lots of patience and 10 hours on average to complete the look. Oh, yeah. And MAD makeup skills are in order.

Being the ultimate perfectionist is on the top of her list, right next to her love for blood and gore.

She'll start filming as she begins the process and won't stop until she's really happy with her look, even if that means finishing at 5am. Attention to detail is what they call it, right?

Bonnie knew that the only way to become a pro was to watch and learn how the real pros did it.

She never imagined she'd become one of those pros posting tutorials on YouTube or that she'd be able to embody Mystique's ultimate shapeshifting transformation. She currently has over 300,000 subscribers on her channel, Bonnie Corban SFX, and that number's bound to grow.

Although she started watching YouTube tutorials at 17, she didn't actually have a channel of her own.

Of course, she didn't let that stop her from making her first video based on a porcelain doll makeup. But her materials didn't initially come from some expensive movie studio. They came from none other than Party City.

It's not always "X-Men" villains she creates. Some looks she showcases can be creepy AF.

Fortunately, with Halloween right around the corner, you might want to take a look at some of her spooky tutorials. They'll chill you to the bone, but in a good way.

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