By Sheyla

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18 Awesome DIY Projects For Book Lovers… #8 Is The Best iPad Cover I’ve Ever Seen.

There are few things better than curling up with a good book, except of course, using the written word in a new and innovative way. We all have old books that we can repurpose and try something new with. Here are some ideas to turn bookworms into crafty caterpillars.

#1. Hidden book storage.

Disassemble books using an x-acto knife. Two of the books will need to have only one of their covers cut. The remaining four or five will only require the spine. Hot glue the books to a craft crate. The two books with the covers will wrap around the box. Let it dry. Display it with hidden keys, pens or receipts.

#2. The writing is on the wall.

Choose your pages from a favorite book or print off the pages online. Apply on a canvas and 'paint' Mod Podge over them. Let the piece dry for 24 hours. Use a pencil to draw your tree. Color the tree with permanent marker.

#3. Literal book shelves.

Choose sturdy books; try to find colorful ones to boot. Use two sets of brackets. One set for below the books and a single bracket for above. Start drilling.

#4. Hanging off every word.

Use a wood board as your base. Screw four large books to the base, and glue four smaller books to the larger ones. Attach the hooks to the smaller books with two long screws.

#5. Vintage book planter.

Take an old book that is big and thick. Glue around the outside of the book on the pages. Let it dry overnight. Draw a square in the middle of the book. Cut with x-facto knife. Line the square with parchment paper. Fill the hole with a thin line of gravel, add soil on top. Place your succulents and apply more soil.

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