By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Awesome DIY Projects For Book Lovers… #8 Is The Best iPad Cover I’ve Ever Seen.

#6. A little nature reading.

Hot glue two books that will be your base. Better to have two different sizes. For the door, only use the cover. Cut out a hole and insert a small pencil below the hole. Hot glue the side books. For the roof, open the book in half and hot glue the edges to make a connection with the other books.

#7. Light your reading time.

Find nine books. Drill a hole through each. String a lamp wire through, then glue a socket to the top book. Add a lamp shade of your choice.

#8. Cabinet makeover.

Sand and smooth the filing cabinet. Apply Mod Podge liberally all over the cabinet. Place your book pages and apply a couple of more coats of Mod Podge. Let it dry. Spray a clear varnish and let it dry.

#9. Vintage Kindle/ iPad holder.

Take an old leather bound book. Remove the pages and add sugru glue to the spine to reinforce. Cut 4 pieces of elastic. Position them to hold the corners of your device, then hot glue them in place.

#10. Pom-pom flowers.

Fold paper as if you are creating a fan. Fold the paper in half and wrap in wire. Trim edges on both end. Separate the layers away from the center. Tie your metal stem to the wire.

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