By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

When You Find Out What This ‘Book’ Really Is You’ll Immediately Want One.

Every so often, a chic design product comes along that is so slick and so useful, hipsters everywhere feel compelled to rejoice in a celebration of beards and craft beer and ingenuity.

Bookniture is that product.

Though Bookniture seems like the average coffee-table tome, looks can be deceiving.

The 13-inch coffee table book unfolds into a usable, minimal, fully-functional piece of furniture.

The piece can act as a handy bookshelf or arm rest, perfect for relaxed floor reading.

Multiple pieces of Bookniture can be stacked up to whichever height your prefer.

Bookniture is marketed as an easy solution to your portable furniture problem - even if it's a problem you didn't know you had, you can't help but want to obtain one of these cute, handy pieces.

The line was conceived by someone known as Mike/Plateaus, a Kickstarter who has already achieved donations that extend well beyond his original goal.

Bookniture comes in two chic colors that will appeal to minimal millennials: Field Brown and Leather Black.

It's honeycomb design is meant to be durable, flexible, and strong.

In fact, when unfolded, Bookniture can hold up to about 375 pounds - more than enough to hold your laptop, designer French press, and your antique bicycle seat collection.

It's the perfect piece of on-the-go furniture for impromptu ukulele sessions in the park.

Lesser coffee tables have certainly been priced much higher, so in our book(niture), this is a pretty sweet deal. Make sure to check out this video for an even closer look at this neat little product!

All hipster jokes aside, this really is an innovative and interesting product. All of the elements are American-made, and it's also pretty reasonably priced: For a donation of $70, you can get a brown Bookniture mailed to you when the team is done with production in May.