By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Revealing Photos Of Borders Around The World. #12 Is A Real Eye-Opener.

If you've ever taken a geography class, it's pretty easy to recall the demarcation of borders between different countries in your head. While you might be able to vaguely assert where Mexico meets the United States, or where Spain meets Portugal, it's hard to imagine what it really looks like from the ground.

These pictures will change that.

Below are some amazing photographs of the space between two countries, including the borders that only exist in our heads as lines on a map. It's really fascinating to see two countries juxtaposed next to one another in this way. The division between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is truly spectacular.

#1. Things look different in the USA than they do in Mexico.

#2. An aerial view of the line between the USA and Mexico.

#3. The clear distinction between Bolivia and Brazil.

#4. Netherlands, as it sits right next to Belgium.

#5. The differentiation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

#6. The line between Spain and Morocco is marked off with high fences.

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