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By Krista Miranda

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25 Images That Prove Boredom Is Good For Creativity.

On average, people spend 14% of their entire life at work. If you think about it, that’s an incredible amount of time. It seems like people spend more time at work than they do at home, or with loved ones. Your work friends become like a second family that help the time go by a little faster. Sometimes, while you’re sitting at work, there’s just nothing to do, and boredom sets in. Some people turn to social media when this happens. But, sometimes, people get really creative with it. The following people didn’t let their boredom get the best of them, they got the best of their boredom.

#1. If this person's not an engineer, they should be.

In this incredible display of Pringles art, the creator took their boredom to the next level. I wonder how many times they had to start this over.

#2. Seems like the type of place I'd like to work.

These people are just monkeying around on their down time at work. It's definitely a silly way to pass the time.

#3. With a little perseverance, you can overcome your boredom.

This welder used his imagination, and his apparent free time, to make this little guy. The struggle with boredom is real.

#4. The quiet of a bookstore can get to be too much sometimes.

These bookstore employees had some fun with this one. It's crazy how they matched up so perfectly.

#5. There's no need to be bored when you know origami.

With a bunch of patience, and 40 origami squares, this employee put his talents to use. I wonder what else he can make.

There's no need to be bored when you know origami.

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