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He Worked For 11 Years On The Secret Hiding In This Unusual House… WOW.

In 1979, 66-year-old Édouard T. Arsenault took up an interesting hobby. The lighthouse-keeper began collecting glass bottles after he received a special postcard from his daughter featuring a glass castle. Arsenault was so inspired by what he saw, he wanted to recreate something similar. He began collecting bottles. Family, friends, his local restaurant, and community dance hall provided him with what he needed to realize his wildly creative vision. Within a short time, Arsenault had collected over 25,000 bottles.

After the tedious process of washing the bottles and removing labels was completed, Arsenault began construction of his first bottle house that was eventually finished in 1980. He went on to build two more over the next three years. The fantasy-like buildings have become a popular tourist attraction in Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The Bottle House is celebrating its 35th anniversary since its construction.

Arsenault spent a whole winter cleaning bottles and removing labels.

The first house was so popular the community encouraged him to keep on building.

The inspiration came from a postcard he received from his daughter of a glass castle in British Columbia.

Different shapes and colors of bottles were used.

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