By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Messages In A Bottle Were Found On A Beach, #5 Chilled Me To The Bone.

As a kid, anytime I went to the ocean, I would search in the water, deep in the sand, hoping to find a bottle with a letter in it from a faraway place. Unfortunately, I was never lucky enough to discover such a treasure but I never stopped looking. Some may think there is no such thing as a message in a bottle, just stories found in books. Nonetheless, there are plenty of people of all ages throwing their messages into the water hoping someone, somewhere will read their letters.

Here is a collection of lucky people who received these special messages.

#1. It took 13 years but a British boy finally received a reply.

#2. A man went fishing and found this touching letter.

#3. A bottle not meant to be kept but tossed back into the ocean.

#4. A worker found a note from a 10-year-old girl from Canada.

#5. A scary photo found in a bottle in Oceanside, California.

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