By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Border Collie Freaks Out Over The Bowling Alley Buzzer.

Border Collies are considered to be highly intelligent breeds, so it comes as no surprise that they need to learn and figure things out on their own. For seven-year-old Fant, it’s understanding the buzzer on the bowling lane in his native Norway.

In bowling rules, players cannot put their feet over the line where the lane begins. To ensure there is no missteps or cheating, sensory buzzers go off warning the person or in this case canine to step back.

Although, Fant does not know these rules, he is certainly focused to find out what’s going on. One has to admire his dedication since every time the buzzer goes off, Fant is scared enough to jump. We are just hoping his human explains this to him soon.

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Source: Glenn-Ove Ellingsen