By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

When You See What These Big Cats Are Doing You’ll Realize… They’re Just Cats.

There's nothing in this world that your cat loves more than the giant box in your basement - not even you. For a cat, a box can serve as a rip-roaring good time, a place to safely descend into sweet slumber, or as temple of solitude when humans are being utterly insufferable. In fact, boxes are so pleasing to felines, even the big ones like to get their box on.

Lions, tigers, boxes - oh my! These enormous cats are all really into the idea of having their own personal cardboard sanctuary. Unfortunately, some of them don't seem to be really aware of exactly how big the box is compared to their own bodies. Our favorite is the cat at 1:30 - somehow, it feels like the box has been his all along.

Source: Big Cat Rescue