By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Little Boy Hold’s A Baby Chihuahua And Has The BEST Reaction.

Children and dogs make the perfect pair. Their special bond might be due to the fact that both parties have no agenda except to play and be each other’s best friend. It’s hard to just cuddle a canine and not feel compelled to make it part of the family.

Debbie Rochelle took her son Zayden to a pet store where the he got the chance to hold a very affectionate Chihuahua. Zayden was so overcome with emotion with the puppy that he burst into tears. While sobbing, the little boy could not get over just how beautiful and cute his new pal was.

Like a true friend, the pup licked away the child’s tears. Trying to make her son feel better, the mom suggests they get him his own dog. Whatever pup this family chooses to take home, we are sure this little boy will love his pet unconditionally. Watch this heartfelt video.

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks