Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

‘Boyfriends Of Instagram’ Are Sharing Images Of Their Servitude.

#6. This? This is nothing, just a normal leg day.

Who needs a squat rack when you're already doing hundreds of squats while getting the right angle with the camera.

#7. "I hope they do 15 minutes surf rental for Instagram pics."

Sorry girl, you gotta pay the full amount no matter how long you have the surfboard for.

#8. So candid and relaxed.

Oh yeah, the girls are doing well at acting natural as well.

#9. As long as you're the one taking the photo and you're the one controlling out the final photo will look...

It's ok for her to post a photo in her bikini, right?

#10. Alright you can't blame her for making him get on the ground for this one.

How else is it going to look like she's holding the building!

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