By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Photographer Captures His Children Enjoying The Kind Of Summer You Always Dreamed About.

Summer for children is a magical time to explore. Books are put away and schedules are more relaxed. It is the time where kids can run barefoot, get mud between their toes, and play with as much water as possible. Photographer Adrian C. Murray has two sons, Emerson and Greyson; he has captured their summer adventures.

“We want their childhood to be filled with the best memories possible,” says Murray.

Based in Kentucky, Murray has captured the magic in childhood by photographing his children play with animals, cuddle with their teddy bears, splash in puddles, and even have the quiet brotherly bond.

The shutterbug has recently announced his family is expecting a little girl anytime now. We can’t wait to see what his trio will be up to next summer.

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