By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Makes A Few Cuts To Her Old Bra And What She Ends Up With Is Brilliant.

As we enter into the final stages of summer, it's crucial that we make a point to wear our summer gear one last time. After all, in a few months, many of us will be laying so much we can hardly move our arms, and swimsuit season will seem like a vague and distant memory.

And what could be more summery than a backless tank top? Unfortunately, if you're going to rock the style, you have to make sure your bra is out of the way first. This awesome DIY shows you how to DIY your bra and make it backless - yes, backless - and it's not as complicated as you'd think. When you see how she does it, you're going to want to grab the shears and get to work.

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Source: Ray Lee