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He UNLEARNS How To Ride A Bike With A Brain Hack... At 5:58 Is The Ultimate Surprise.

Destin Sandlin has forgotten how to ride a bike. The engineer from Alabama was given a two-wheeler that rode backwards. The bike’s handlebar turns left when the wheel goes right and vice versa. We may think that is easy enough to learn but Sandlin quickly realized that he was unable to tell his brain to adjust to ride the bicycle differently.

Feeling a challenge coming on, Sandlin began practicing everyday for eight months, until he was finally able to ride his bicycle backwards. The Get Smarter Everyday creator also wanted to know if his son would learn to ride in the same amount of time. This is a very cool video you have to watch!

Host and creator Destin Sandlin had to learn how to ride a bike backwards.

The engineer learned that knowledge does not equal understanding.

One simple adjustment: when the handlebar turns left, the wheel turns right. When the handlebar turns right, the wheel turns left.

Now watch this.

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Source: Tree Hugger