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15 Tricky Riddles That Will Give Your Brain A Workout.

These 15 Questions Will Give Your Brain A Real Work-Out

Some of you may think that riddles are absolutely annoying. What you may not know is that riddles help train your brain to be more creative and better at solving problems. Try your hand at these 15 tricky riddles and give yourself a bit of brain training.

These 15 Questions Will Give Your Brain A Real Work-Out


Can you make all of these glasses alternate by only touching one of them? Get those gears of yours moving! Can you picture the glasses? Think of them as if they're right in front of you! Do you have the answer yet?

Answer: This is a pretty simple one. You just pick the second full glass and pour it into the fifth glass! Then you put the empty glass back where it was! See how simple that was?

What's Up With This Ball?

What's Up  With This Ball?


There's a boy playing with a soccer ball. The boy kicks it ten feet away from him. Every single time, the ball comes straight back to the boy.

How does it happen? Maybe the ball is made of magic, but we doubt it.

Answer: If you guess that the boy was kicking the ball up above his head, you were right. You can thank gravity for that one.

An Easy One

An Easy One

What breaks but never falls, and what falls but never breaks? It may sound like a really confusing tongue twister, but once you get the answer you'll see how simple it really is. Have you gotten it figured out yet?

Answer: The day always breaks and the night always falls. See, we said it was pretty simple!

It's All About The Counting

It's All About The Counting

Today I Found Out

Some of the months have 31 days. Other months have 30. But how many of the months have 28 days in them? All you need to do is think about every month, and count how many days it has. What answer did you get? One month?

Answer: The answer's not one, silly! Every month has 28 days!

Here's Some More Math

Here's Some More Math


Figure out this equation by moving only one match! Seems pretty easy, doesn't it? You might want to remove the vertical match that's on the plus sign to make the answer -2, but you're wrong!

Answer: You do have to move the vertical match from the plus sign but not to the two. You add it to the number five, which changes it to a nine. Now the equation reads: 9-7=2!

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