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I Bet You Didn’t Know These 18 Weird Facts About Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time. The AMC drama received a People's Choice Award, two Golden Globe Awards, two Peabody Awards, eight Satellite Awards, and sixteen Primetime Emmys. In 2014, it was entered in the Guinness World Records for the highest-rated series. This was not for viewer ratings, but for its score on MetaCritic, which gave the show a metascore of 99 out of 100.

The concept for Breaking Bad started as joke when creator and producer Vince Gilligan and his writer friend Thomas Schnauz had a conversation about their unemployment and joked that they should start a meth lab in an RV. For the next several days, the idea stuck in Gilligan's mind, one thing led to another and Breaking Bad was born.

Here are 18 interesting facts you probably didn't know about BB.

#1. Bryan Cranston got a Breaking Bad tattoo on the final day of shooting Season 5.

Cranston said, "Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of it and I see that logo from 'Breaking Bad' and it makes me smile."

#2. Aaron Paul never had one day of acting class in his life.

On Reddit AMA he said: “I always just thought, ‘Hey, pretend like you’re being someone else and that’s all there is to it.’”

#3. Breaking Bad had 62 episodes over its five year run. On the periodic table, element 62 is samarium.

Samarium is an injection used in the treatment of lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and osteosarcoma.

#4. Blue-tinted versions of crystal meth started appearing in New Mexico similar to that produced by Walter White.

#5. Bryan Cranston cried for 15 minutes after filming the scene in which Walt let Jesse's girlfriend Jane Margolis die.

#6. RJ Mitte does have cerebral palsy, but not as severe as his character.

He had to learn to use crutches and slurred his speech for the show.

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