Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

This Great Horned Owl Thinks He’s Michael Phelps.

Bird watcher and photographer Steve Spitzer was walking around Loyola Park Beach in Chicago when he spotted an owl swimming in Lake Michigan. The bird was being chased by two peregrine falcons and got away by going for a swim. Spitzer identified it as a great horned owl.

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Spitzer was taking photos when he noticed something in the water.

A rare sight to see, an owl swimming in Lake Michigan.

The owl was escaping from being attacked by two peregrine falcons.

The owl made it to shore, and rested a little after the swim.

The great horned owl does a perfect breast stroke. Watch the video to see.

A bird rescuer was called to help save the owl, but it took off. Hopefully, he is safe and warm somewhere.