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‘Breastfeeding Barbie’ Is Teaching Kids About Parenting, And It’s VERY Detailed.

Even when the makers of Barbie try to get it right, they still miss the mark. Despite the company’s attempts over the last couple of years to address parents concerns of the over-sexualization of the doll since it first hit store shelves in 1959, it has a long way to go.

While they have introduced the Fashionista line with the new dolls in various heights, shapes, skin tones, and hair texture, it is still not part of their main line-up. Barbies still come with flawless skin, perfect hair, and plenty of Pepto-Bismol pink to make anyone nauseous.

Betty Strachan is an Australian mom who is not waiting around for Mattel to create realistic looking dolls for little girls and boys to play with. Strachan has created her own version, calling it “Mamas Worldwide Barbie.”

Strachan has been repainting Barbie dolls for the past four year and giving them more realistic looks.

She wants to remove the stigma around breastfeeding by creating the "Mamas Worldwide Barbie."

"The decision to make a breastfeeding doll didn’t come consciously. I’m a member of a mothers’ group that’s comprised of very lovely and supportive women," explains Strachan. "I remember one day, I was drawing the new face on a Barbie doll, and she just seemed to be the embodiment of the entire group."

"So I mimicked the positioning of a latched baby with an old figurine I had and called her the 'Mamas Worldwide Barbie,'" she told the Huffington Post.

The Brisbane resident sells her new version Barbies on her Etsy shop.

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