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This Mom Noticed Her Breast Milk Changed Color. You Need To Know Why…

The human body is fascinating in and of itself, but women's bodies during pregnancy are a whole other mind-blowing thing entirely. As the woman's body adapts to the growing child inside here,everything changes: Her size, the placement of her organs, her hormone levels, and sometimes even her facial features.

And it doesn't stop after the baby is born, either. Mother and child have a unique connection, particularly when the baby is breastfeeding. This new mom's breast milk changed color overnight, and when she did a little research, she found out why. The answer is totally fascinating, and proof that when it comes to her baby, there's nothing a new mother can't do.

So yall.. This is just cuckoo awesome-- I read an article from a medical journal not too long ago about how Mom's milk...

Posted by Mallory Smothers on Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Source: Mallory Smothers

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