By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Bride Asked Her 89 Year-Old Grandma To Be A Bridesmaid, And She Stole The Show.

On the day of the wedding, Betty looked gorgeous in her gown, standing at the altar. “You’re only as old as you feel and I feel young today," she said.

And if that sounds like an odd thing for a young, blushing bride to comment on, that's because Betty wasn't the bride, and she's not exactly young: She was standing as a bridesmaid in her granddaughter's wedding, and she's 89 years old.

The photos from Christine Quinn's wedding day are absolutely stunning.

For Christine, marrying her beloved was like a dream come true.

Not to mention the support of her family and friends. However, do you notice one particularly well-dressed person in this family photo - besides the bride, of course?

It was her grandmother, Betty. Christine said that asking her Nana Betty to be a bridesmaid was a simple choice, as she's one of her best friends. The photos from Christine's wedding, with Nana Betty by her side, are absolutely adorable.

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