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The Most Intelligent U.S. Presidents Ranked By IQ Score.

There are very few people that get the honorable title of President of the United States. Those that do become president have most likely focused the entirety of their life on that goal. Which means they did well in school, went to college, earned degrees, had successful careers, and eventually got into politics. What most of us don't realize is that some presidents dropped out of college and some didn't go at all! But does a lack of "proper" education mean that someone isn't intelligent enough to become president? You can see for yourself in this list we've composed of the presidents and their IQ's!

#1. George W. Bush - IQ 124

The media had an absolute field day when George W. Bush was president. Bush's goofy personality and his tendency to make verbal slip-ups was the perfect fuel for the media. However, contrary to popular belief, President Bush is certainly not the simple-minded fool that some Americans believe him to be. You may be surprised, but Bush’s IQ is actually well about the average college graduate.

George W. Bush - IQ 124

#2. Gerald Ford - IQ 127

Gerald Ford was hitting the books, and tackling guys on the football field, long before he became the 38th president. Ford wasn’t only in the honor society at South High School, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he was also an All-State football player.

Gerald Ford - IQ 127

#3. Herbert Hoover - IQ 129.77

Herbert Hoover didn’t exactly have the best time as president. He had many ambitious programs, but unfortunately, they didn’t reach their potential during the Great Depression. Maybe if he was a bit smarter things would’ve gone differently.

Herbert Hoover - IQ 129.77

#4. Ronald Reagan - IQ 130

Ronald Reagan served in office from 1981-1989 and was certainly a favorite of the Republicans. He wasn’t always a politician though. This highly intelligent man was a Hollywood actor before becoming president. He retired from the big screen to become one of the most unforgettable presidents in history.

Ronald Reagan - IQ 130

#5. George H.W. Bush - IQ 130.1

George Bush, Jr. has been dubbed as one of the least intelligent presidents, however, George Bush Senior was responsible for launching successful military operations against Panama and Iraq. But thanks to the economic recession, his popularity was forever damaged.

George H.W. Bush - IQ 130.1

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