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By Krista Miranda

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The Most Intelligent U.S. Presidents Ranked By IQ Score.

#6. William McKinley - IQ 130.2

William McKinley once attended Allegheny College, but eventually dropped out. He later went on to earn a law degree at Albany Law School. Unfortunately, McKinley never finished his term because he was assassinated after only six months as president.

William McKinley - IQ 130.2

#7. James K. Polk - IQ 130.2

James K. Polk is known as the "least known consequential president." After just one term, President Polk presided over the Mexican War and immensely expanded the size of the United States. Polk is also responsible for giving the finance system a drastic makeover.

James K. Polk - IQ 130.2

#8. Grove Cleveland - IQ 130.9

Grover Cleveland was not a wealthy man, and because of that couldn’t attend college. But that didn’t stop him from being successful. Cleveland became a lawyer and is now known as a president famous for his honesty and work ethic.

Grove Cleveland - IQ 130.9

#9. Richard Nixon - IQ 131

Richard Nixon will forever be known for his part in the Watergate Scandal. Nixon wasn’t always defending himself in court, though. He actually had a pretty impressive law degree from Duke University, which helped him out later in life. Nixon used his lawyer skills to help defend himself in court when he was impeached for obstruction of justice.

Richard Nixon - IQ 131

#10. Dwight D. Eisenhower - 131.9

While President Eisenhower was serving his term he watched dozens of battles occur during the Civil Rights Movement. He is responsible for helping desegregate public schools and he also signed legislation to protect African-Americans' right to vote. Eisenhower didn’t just go to battle in the Civil Rights Movement, he was also a five-star general in the Army during World War II.

Dwight D. Eisenhower - 131.9

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