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By Krista Miranda

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The Most Intelligent U.S. Presidents Ranked By IQ Score.

#16. Franklin Pierce - IQ 134.8

Franklin Pierce was a graduate of Bowdoin College and had an absolutely brilliant mind. Unfortunately, regardless of his intelligence, he wasn't capable of dealing with the issue of slavery, which led to the outbreak of the Civil War.

Franklin Pierce - IQ 134.8

#17. Millard Fillmore - IQ 136

Millard Fillmore is another president that never attended college. Regardless of that fact, he still helped to found the University of Buffalo.

Millard Fillmore -  IQ 136

#18. John Tyler - IQ 136.2

John Tyler graduated from the College of William & Mary. Before his presidency, he had a successful political career. His term as president, however, was less than impressive.

John Tyler - IQ 136.2

#19. Franklin D. Roosevelt - IQ 139.6

FDR was definitely one of the most influential leaders of this country. He can take the title as one of the few presidents who served 12 years! Like many other presidents, FDR went to Harvard and graduated with a history degree.

Franklin D. Roosevelt - IQ 139.6

#20. Abraham Lincoln - IQ 140

Abraham Lincoln is known as the president who helped end slavery. Unlike most leaders, Lincoln was not an Ivy League school graduate. He actually never attended college, but that didn’t stop his desire to learn. He constantly exercised his mind and at a very young age actually patented a steamboat invention.

Abraham Lincoln - IQ 140

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