By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Cockatoo’s R-Rated Reaction To Broccoli Is Hilariously On-Point.

For many parents, getting their kids to eat their broccoli can be a hell of a lot of work. For starters, broccoli is green (studies have actually shown that kids are inherently suspicious of green foods, no matter what). Additionally, it's a cruciform, the kind of veggie that basically looks like it was grown on an alien planet, several galaxies away. And finally, it's healthy -- and why would a kid want to eat healthy food when he's got some chicken fingers and french fries in the mix?

As it turns out, broccoli repulsion doesn't just apply to the parents of human children, either. This Aussie bird owner learned that the hard way when she was told by her vet to feed her bird, Eric, more healthy foods -- particularly broccoli. Eric's reaction to his healthy dish is less than ideal, but also, pretty relatable. If you've ever been a kid forced to eat that nasty, evil broccoli, you're going to LOL when you see this video.

Source: Eric The Legend

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