By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Rebels Who Are Breaking ALL The Rules, #12 Just Doesn’t Care What THEY Think.

Some rules were made to be broken - and some probably weren't, but were simply broken for the fun of it. This list of photos focuses on the latter: Arbitrary rules that don't matter much, and the fearless-hearted rebels that go out of their way to break them.

Below are 30 people, animals, and even objects who don't care at all about the rules that society has placed forth for them Watch in awe as they break rule after rule, completely unconcerned at the thought of the consequences. These are the world's biggest rebels: Watch them put all the straight-laced rule followers to shame.

#1. This is what a rebel looks like.

This is what a rebel looks like.

#2. Don't tempt him.

Don't tempt him.

#3. Does his mother know he did this?

#4. Lewd, rude, and with attitude.

Lewd, rude, and with attitude.

#5. She does what she wants.

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